The cultivation and commercialization of mountain cherry is one of the main activities of the cooperative Niño Jesús de Aniñón.

More than half of the cherries that are grown in Aniñón, by the cooperative Niño Jesús, end up in chocolates, in the form of jams, cherry liqueur or as cherries for cocktails.

Mountain Cherry

Nuestros cerezos crecen en
altitudes entre los 729 y los 1215 metros de altura

Late Cherry

Our cherry trees grow in
altitudes between 729 and 1215 meters high

For many years, the cherries of the famous Ferrero Roche chocolates came from Aniñón, elaborated by the cooperative Niño Jesús de Aniñón.

Almost half of the production of cherries from the cooperative Niño Jesús is destined for table fruit, especially the burlat, lapins, primigian, larger varieties.

In a normal year, the cooperative Niño Jesús de Aniñón sells more than one million Kg of mountain cherry, half of them as table fruit, of greater value.

The first cherry tree planted in the municipality of Aniñón of which there is evidence goes back to the year 1860. Since then, the farmers, grouped in the cooperative Niño Jesús, are one of the largest producers and marketers of cherry in Aragon.

The cherry finds its historical origins in the mountains of Georgia, between southern Russia and Turkey and Iran, near the mythical Mount Ararat. Hence, it has acclimatized perfectly to the heights of the Iberian system, where the cooperative Niño Jesús de Aniñón is located.

The cherries produced and marketed by the cooperative Niño Jesús de Aniñón are the latest in Aragón. In a normal cycle they begin to be collected at the end of June and in 2008 they were able to be prolonged in the tree until the end of August, to be able to offer them in the Zaragoza Expo.

The cherries of Aniñón, thanks to the cooperative Niño Jesús, arrive in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Finland. But also to Singapore, the Arab Emirates and Colombia, to where they are transported by plane.

Among the varieties that are grown in Aniñón, through the cooperative Niño Jesús, destined for transformation, are the monsoon and white Provence.

And that the aridity of our climate and the heights of the mountains, like the cherries of Alicante, are always late, but of an exceptional size. In the middle-end of June until the end of July, you can eat one of the most impressive delicacies of Aragon.

Aniñón, located in the Sierra de la Virgen of the Iberian System, is one of the most varied and rejuvenated villages in the region, especially thanks to the agro-food thrust of the cooperative Niño Jesús.

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